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Facebook Spy: 3 Best Ways To Spy Facebook Account Password Without Phone

Facebook is the first-rate social networking site that is having more than a billion users that are actively using Facebook account. That is the reason why Facebook has become a leading social networking site. If not used it properly then it can have a negative impact.

Facebook Spy: 3 Best Ways To Spy Facebook Account Password Without Phone

Facebook Spy: 3 Best Ways To Spy Facebook Account Password Without Phone

However, it is used daily for business promotions, networking and for friendly conversations. If one wants to spy into a person’s Facebook account, this post will provide all readers with 3 easy methods that will surely help you to hack Facebook account in no time without them informing.

Way 1: By using YMSpy app

Way 1: By using YMSpy app

Way 1: By using YMSpy app

This application today has got greater popularity and usability among the number of users throughout the globe. If you wish to spy on a person’s Facebook account then this app will surely help one in getting the desired outcome. Numbers of applications are available in the market and are used for keeping continuous surveillance on the victim device. But the best thing found in this application is the ability to spy phone completely without undergoing device rooting or jail breaking. Additionally, there is no need to set-up the app into the intended device.

Look at the working of the app

By using the app, your target won’t be able to figure that continuous spying is going on in his or her device. To get it a user has to set up on the own device but not in the target device. This application is secretive in nature and the target person can’t easily discover spying activity. If he browses the set-up app, it will still be impossible for the app to get traced. The application works with greater efficiencies with all leading OS without impacting the efficiency of the cell phone.

Few simple steps for using it

Download the app

The first thing that one must do is getting this wizard downloaded into own device. There is no need to install it into the target phone. Get it right from its official website.

Installing it

After efficiently downloading, the app is to be installed. You will see the icon of the app there with other apps.

Get signed up

Now you must obtain the signed up on the official website. Get signed up by utilizing the valid username and its password. The application will ask you the information about the target person such as device OS, device design name, etc. Provide the details correctly to get access to the right device. This is essential as it will establish a connection between the application and the target person’s phone.

The application will keep an eye on the target person’s phone completely. Head towards the application dashboard and from there you can choose Facebook spy option and discover everything about the activities done by the target person. The information such as friend list, photos, activity log, etc will be known.

Several functions of spyware

No doubt the varieties of spying functions offered by the app will allow him or her to access the target person device activities completely. It features consists of-

GPS Location monitoring This feature helps in finding the real-time location of the indented person. YMSpy is having an in-built feature that is programmed to keep full track of the target person’s location movements. It will supply users with information about past locations as well on the app dashboard.

Text messages spying text messages spying is another important function offered by the app. Every text that one sends or receives no matter normally or at various IM apps will be readable. The date, content, location, sender/receiver info will be known on the app dashboard.

Calls spy- This feature assists in doing spy on call logs. It assists one to get the info of call history like call type, call time/duration/location, etc. Even the app will allow one to get the ability to do live call recording of all calls. The recorded file of the call will be saved in high quality.

Social networking sites spying- The application assists one to obtain all information from various social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, etc.

WhatsApp spyWhatsApp is used by all in daily routine life for texting, sharing the status, sending/receiving media files, etc. One can do spy on WhatsApp to figure out what activities are done on it by the target.

Media files spy- The app is good at viewing the media files that target keeps saved into the phone. The files like photos, GIFs, screenshots, videos, etc will be known. To keep any files saved as a piece of evidence, yes it is possible.

Keylogger- For a hacker doing spy on Facebook or any other social networking site, the Keylogger function will be of greater help. This way the password can be known and one can easily spy on Facebook.

Advantages of using this app

A compatible app

YMSpy is a compatible solution that can be easily used on leading OS whether it is iOS or Android. The compatibility is making it a user-friendly app that is making it a good choice for spying on anyone’s device.

Detect free app

The application is designed by using perfect coding and programming so to make it always remains to detect free. Let the target person try all possible things, but he will surely fail to discover all about spying activity going on.

Good customer support is provided

At the time of using the app if a user gets trapped in trouble, the app customer care team will assist him or her in the easiest manner. The app service provider is having skilled and properly knowledge members that helps hacker to get the right solution on time. Thus, user’s experience in using the app will be good.

Way 2: FoneTracker

Way 2: FoneTracker

Way 2: FoneTracker

FoneTracker is another best solution that enables one to track not only Facebook but various other social networking sites. Also, it helps one to spy on other cell phone actions like text messages, calls, GPS location, multimedia files, internet browsing history, etc. No doubt this application is having more appealing and greater useful features that make one enjoy spying without facing any disappointment of not able to discover something important. It is an ideal solution for mom-dad, employers, partners, and friends. The one who desires to know all about the activities done by their respective target will get to know all accurately and secretly. The reviews and feedback that it has got are good that makes one use it.

Way 3: XySpy

Way 3: XySpy

Way 3: XySpy

One willing to do spying on the Facebook account of a target person without their device touching is possible with XySpy. Without the need for the app installation and every time touching device, one can do the spy on anybody’s device. This application permits one to spy on text messages, incoming and outgoing calls, spy on various social networking sites, GPS location, media files viewing, phonebook viewing, etc. No doubt a hacker will get the ability to get all information from the victim device at any time and using any gadget and from anywhere.


These 3 ways will be a lot useful for doing spy on Facebook account. Get access to the app and take pleasure in spying Facebook activities. Remember that this app is meant for legal use not for harming anybody’s privacy.


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If one wants to spy into a person’s Facebook account, this post will provide all readers with 3 Best Ways To Spy Facebook Account Password Without Phone.

  • Way 1: YMSpy
  • Way 2: FoneTracker
  • Way 3: XySpy
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