Ambient Voice Recording

Ambient Voice Recording - Live Audio Surrounding - Voice Recorder Silent

What is SpyPhone Ambient Voice Recording to do?

Ambient Voice Recording

Ambient Voice Recording

YMSpy lets you call the target phone and listen to the phone’s surroundings live. With YMSpy, Ambient Voice Recording – Live Audio Surrounding – Voice Recorder Silent, you can:

  • Click Start or Send a simple SMS command to activate the Live Surroundings feature.
  • The target phone user will not get any indication that you are listening.

Ambient voice recording: use the YMSpy software for spying person mobile

In this world full of cheaters and unfaithful peoples you become insecure and unsafe. Thus, you need the help of some kind of new technology to spy on people close to you. Spying is not a crime especially when it is done for protection and security. Thus, you can start spying through your Smartphone and android mobile by using some kind of software. YMSpy software is one such software using which you get to spy the target mobile, PCs, etc. the YMSpy software is used these days mostly by the business persons and parents for ambient voice recording, to listen and record surrounding activity of targeted cell phone.

Ambient voice recording: use the YMSpy software for spying person mobile

Ambient voice recording: use the YMSpy software for spying person mobile

How to do ambient voice recording

Ambient voice recording means recording of the surrounding voices of the targeted cell phone. Thus a feature is helpful in finding the out where the person is at the given time and what activities are going in an area around where cell phone is located. With the help of YMSpy software, you can do an ambient recording of a targeted cell phone.

All you are required to do is use the ambient recording software or send SMS command to start recording easily. In this manner, you will easily be able to record and hear the targeted person phone activity. Directly with the help of the software, you will be able to listen and download them into your computer. The recordings are saved in the control panel of the ambient voice recorder software which you can hear when you have good internet connection.

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Features of the YMSpy spy software

  • Internet browsing spy: are you aware the children these days mostly get into bad habits from the internet. The content they watch is of not their age to be viewed, but still, they view it. To know whether your child is looking at good contents or bad contents on internet use the spy software and keep an eye on the browser history. Each URL they visit will be clearly available on your Smartphone, and thus, you will be able to see the content they watch. You can also find out how many times they have visited the same website.
  • Spy facebook: the spying software used gives you the feature for viewing target persons facebook activity. The Facebook activity includes their chats conversation, media shared on facebook, etc. this feature will allow you to know the information like the person to which targeted person was talking through Facebook. Read the messages sent and receive and also you can see time, date, name, the profile of the person to whom they talk.

More interesting features of YMSpy spy software

  • GPS tracking: this feature of the spy software allows you to keep control on the GPS location of the targeted cell phone. You can check and instantly search the location of the targeted person through his mobile. What was the correct location of the targeted phone at given time can be known. You get the route history in detail, and even without GPS, you can identify the location of target phone. This information will be displayed in the control panel of the user.
  • SMS spy: the spy software allows the user to access the SMS sent or received on the targeted cell phone. This conversation taking place through messages from target phone can be viewed by you on your mobile. And you can also see the encrypted or achieved or messages that are deleted. The text messages conversation is taking through which phone number from the targeted cell phone can also be viewed.
  • Spy calls: it is easy to spy calls from the YMSpy to spy android mobile phone of the target person. The conversation made through calls can be listened and saved in live audio call recorder control panel. You can even download it and keep as a reference. The missed calls, as well as spam calls, can also be viewed.
  • Whatsapp spy: the YMSpy allows you to spy WhatsApp conversation of a targeted smartphone. The numbers added to whatsapp and the video or media file shared, all the information will be made available for you to view and save. Also the video calls, voice recording, call taking place on target mobile can be heard and saved by you.
  • Social media monitoring: you can see the activities of the person on social media sites by accessing his mobile. The spying software is crucial to providing you all the information like the media files, audio, video, photos, etc. shared on social media and the password of the social media apps used by target person can be known.

Benefits of YMSpy software

Now catch the cheating spouse easily

In a case where you think your spouse is not a trustable person, you make sure that you spy their mobile phones to reveal their real identity. The YMSpy allows you to get the best features for controlling activities of the person’s mobile and you can block their app usage if you find it unsuitable. This way you can build the good relationship and control your spouse. You can even keep the evidence in form like ambient call recorded content and SMS conversation can be saved to use in future.

Parent control

The parent can view the ambient voice recording of their child cell phone and know what activities were taking place around your child’ mobile and you can know where he or she is present. Also in this way, if you think or realize that the places which your child present is unsafe just go there and help. Also, you can block the applications that are unsafe and fake and should not be utilized by your child using YMSpy.

Employee monitoring

The best usage of the YMSpy is for the companies and business places where you need to keep an eye on the employee activities. You can know the live activity of the employees through his cell phone. Check the location through GPS tracker and listen to the voice recording of the calls received on employee cell phone to know they are working or chatting with their girlfriends.

Therefore visit the website and get the best spy software if you want to do an ambient recording and spy call logs as well as other activities of the targeted person.


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