Spying apps have become quite trendy these days after an increase in demand.

These apps are actually very helpful and safe. It is one of the reasons why so many people use it.

You might think that anyone can easily misuse these apps but that is not true. These apps have a strict policy. There are terms and conditions which you need to follow.

It clearly states that you cannot use it for troubling anyone. These apps are meant for certain people how really need it.

Most parents use spy apps to keep a watch on their underage kids. They help them to monitor and control their actions.

As we know, the internet is not safe for kids but they still have to use it. In such a case, spy apps help the parents to keep them safe from all the online dangers.

YMSpy: Best Mobile Spy Free App

YMSpy: Best Mobile Spy Free App

YMSpy: Best Mobile Spy Free App

YMSpy is a very popular spying app. There are many types of spying apps in the market but not all are safe.

So if you are planning to use a spying app YMSpy is your best bet. This app is free to use. You can use it to spy for free.

It works with all types of phones. You can use this spying app to spy on android and iPhone. It is compatible with all the latest phones.

It also helps you to keep your activities a secret. Your kids will not be able to detect this app on their phones because it is sneaky.


Features of YMSpy App

Features of YMSpy App

Features of YMSpy App

This spy app has all the rich and advanced spying features. You can use all these features for free to spy on a cell phone.

GPS Location Log

You can use this feature to track the location of the phone. You will be able to track the live location of the phone along with all the previous locations. Moreover, you can check the phone location on Google Maps and read the address as well.

Text Message Tracking

This feature helps you to spy on all the text messages. You can check all the incoming and outgoing messages with this feature. It will show you all the details about the sender and message time as well.

Track Call Log

You can use this feature to track all the call logs. You can check the list of incoming and outgoing calls. It will also help you to gather other information like recent call list, caller ID, call duration, etc. You can check the time of each call.

Spy WhatsApp

This feature helps you to spy on WhatsApp. You will be able to spy on each and every WhatsApp activities. You can read the chats, check the media, and get personal information. Moreover, you can even check all the WhatsApp call logs.

Social Networking Logs

This feature helps you to spy on all the social media apps on the phone. You can spy on Facebook activities. You can also spy on Snapchat and Instagram activities.

URL Logs

With this spying feature, you can check all the websites the person visits on the phone. You can check the URL of each website to know what they are watching or browsing.

Spy Photos and Videos

This spy feature helps you to spy on all the photos and videos on the phone. You can one and view each and every photo and video.

YouTube Videos

It will help you to know what kind of videos the person is watching on YouTube. You can check the watch and search history with this feature.

Ambient Voice Recording

You can use this feature to remotely record all the surrounding sounds and voices. You can remotely switch on the microphone and record all the sounds. Later, you can listen to all these sounds.


Download YMSpy App

Download YMSpy App

Download YMSpy App

In order to use this spying app, you have to download it. There are certain steps you need to follow. You will be able to use it only after you follow these steps.

Step 1: Download the YMSpy app

First, you have to download this app on the phone. If it is an android phone, you have to download this app on the phone from the website. After that, you need to install it. Be careful while installing the app. Make sure no one suspects you.


Step 2: Install and Setup

After, follow some steps to install the YMSpy app on the target device. Register your account and hide the YMSpy app.

Step 3: Control Panel

The last step is to log in to the control panel to start using the spying features. You can log in from the web directly with your phone. Once you log in, you will reach the control panel.

Why Need YMSpy App?

This spying app is very important for some people. It helps in monitoring and establishing control.

  • Monitoring Kids

This app is essential to monitor kids. Most of the parents are working while their kids are at home alone. This app helps parents to monitor their kids and keep an eye on them.

  • Phone Backup

You can use this app to create a backup of all the data on your phone. So if you lose the phone, you can still have all the data with you. It will also help you to find your lost phone.

  • Employee Management

You can also use it to manage the employees in an organization. Moreover, you can check their productivity and know what they are doing at work. You can also protect your trade secrets.


YMSpy is one a kind of free spying app. This app is better than others because it has all the advanced spying features. You can use it for various purposes. It helps you to monitor all the phone activities.

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