About YMSpy

Currently, there are thousands of spying applications available online but the most preferred and used is YMSpy Mobile Spy Free App. This spying app makes use of high-tech and advanced level of technology so as to give birth to powerful spying software. This spying designs the app in such a way that it can be easily worked on a iPhone, Android, and other devices too. You might be wondering who all can make use of spying app; the app can be used mainly by three class of people namely.

Here, you can silently and secretly monitor suspect activities and save them for later use.

What all YMSpy is capable of
many features!

This powerful spying application could do the impossible or the most daunting tasks that are generally skip or ignored. Given below is a list stating what all can be done using it-

Secretly monitor multimedia files, contacts, and calls as well as videos and photos

Remotely track social media applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, Skype, etc

Track GPS location as well as location history through Google map

Hear and record phone surrounding and call voices

You will be able to wipe and lock phone data remotely

You can define the contact list, suspicious words, and places and get instant alerts

These are many features of YMSpy! Don't wait and download now!









Keep them safe with YMSpy!
Free Phone YMSpy App

Do you see and find your kid chatting suspicious? Do you have any fear regarding your kid’s indulging in inappropriate stuff with bad people? If yes, then you can take a deep breath and leave the rest on YMSpy so as to track kid’s cell phone. The cell Tracker software really operates well on tablets and Android smartphone. You just need to establish the tracking application on your cell phone and allow the app to absorb useful information from the suspect device.

Moreover, you require a connection with the suspect device by the establishment of remote connections. This way you will be able to extract information from social media, texts, calls, and other activities too. The working of the YMSpy is proven and the existing users claim it the best tracking application available on the web.

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