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How to track on SMS messages using YMSpy

With the increasing use of social media networks and offline activities, parents are worried about their kids because they do not want their kids to become victims. Kids and youngsters constantly and consistently make use of their cell phone even at the dinner desk; this might ruin the lives of parents. That’s why most of the parents have “how to track a child’s SMS messages” like queries. These concerns give rise to SMS trackers which get developed and designed by skilled professionals after consideration of the view of parents and spouse.

How to track on SMS messages using YMSpy

How to track on SMS messages using YMSpy

Today, SMS tracker seems to be a valuable tool so as to offer the utmost level of safety and protect kids from harmful social media threats. SMS tracker is high-class spying app. You can see a number of SMS tracker apps in the market but the most used and trusted app is YMSpy. Downloading and installing this tracker is easy and simple. It can be installed on devices such as Android, iPhone, blackberry, etc.

The YMSpy is famous because of the features it offers to the users. Some of the features are monitoring browser history, multimedia messages, video calls, phone calls, and GPS location. You can integrate the app with your kid’s cell phone so as to go through the entire contact list. In this way, you can view received and sent messages from kid’s phone list. You can see and save the name of each and every person present on phone book.

Alcohol and drug have become a major problem when it comes to offline activities. Teenagers start drinking and smoking initially just for fun but with the passage of time, they are addicted to it. At times, alcohol and drugs could become parent’s nightmare because parents very well understand the harmful effect of such stuff. Are you one among those parents? If yes, then it is essential to use SMS tracker app.

How does Free SMS Tracker – YMSpy works

How does Free SMS Tracker - YMSpy works

How does Free SMS Tracker – YMSpy works

The YMSpy demands registration that includes the creation of a tracker account. Upon registration and creating an account on site, you are able to install and download SMS tracker on a suspect cell phone. You will be facilitated with username and password that can be used to log in to your YMSpy account. Tracking of suspect activities on the user-friendly dashboard is possible. All the activities performed by the suspect automatically get saved on your server.

You will be shown up with each and every text messages sent or received from the suspect device. Not only this, you are able to trace multimedia files and documents easily. Phone tracking is also possible that brings up information such as caller name, time of the call, and content in the call. Other than this, the YMSpy offers GPS tracking option that allows the user to know the current location of the suspect. This feature allows you to see whether the kid is really getting ahead to tuition classes or wandering around with his girlfriend.

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Offered features

Other than SMS tracking you are free to use the following features mentioned below-

Calls– the calling feature tracks all the made, received, or missed calls on the suspect device. The call feature can serve well as it brings time and date stamp information. Time and date will tell you much about the motive of the call.

GPS location– GPS location feature enables you to track the specific or current location of the suspect. It is best of parents when it comes to seeing where their kids are. Employers can see whether their employee is really stuck in a traffic jam or just fooling around. A spouse can see where their better half is at this present moment.

Photo/images– you won’t find any individual whose phone gallery isn’t filled with images and photos. So, viewing and saving photos and images allows you to know the happening around the suspect. Kids generally take selfies to make the day memorable, so parents can see with whom kid spent time.

Social networks- today each and every individual is on social media networks. Social media networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber; etc contributes most of the happening in the world. You can track your kid’s social media applications installed on his/her phone and see what kind of photos, videos he/she share and post.

Remote control- You can remotely control your kid’s cell phone no matter at which place you are present. This way you can track their activities without buffering or interruption.

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If you are working parents and wish to know what your kid is doing right now in your absence, then do try YMSpy.

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