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Get Free KeyLogger using YMSpy

Nowadays, computer and internet is the basic need for both adults and children. The computer has become the basic tool for education, entertainment and communication. Kids need to access internet for their project and learn new skills. Same is required for adults however internet is not the safe place for both adults and kids. They can become the target of online predators. Teenagers are the most vulnerable to these threats. Most of the threats come from social networking.

Get Free KeyLogger using YMSpy

Get Free KeyLogger using YMSpy

Social networking has also become necessary nowadays but some safe tips should be known to prevent one from the online threats. Adults can prevent them from such threats to some extent but the level of threats has increased. Today, it is nearly impossible to know who is harmful for you and who is trying to steal your personal information. Even adults can fall in their traps so it is easy for the predators to lure the kids.

How to protect them

Keylogger software can help in knowing what the user search on internet. This software can take you to their chat room and tell you everything that they do on internet. The log of the visited website will be saved by the keylogger software. This will give you detailed information about the activities that have been done on the computer.

The keylogger software will also take screenshots of the activities that will give additional information to the user. However, while tracing their online behavior one has to be careful and perform the task secretly. Many of the keylogger software can be detected easily and one can disable the software. So, it is necessary to use software that can hide itself and perform the task securely.

A secure keylogger software – YMSpy

You need YMSpy software about which device’s users don’t come to know. They won’t be able to uninstall it. This will keep you on the safe side. The cell tracker app is one such keylogger software that is master in hiding itself. Naturally, a keylogger records the keystrokes made by the user on keyboard. It then sends a readable text to the user that has been typed by the other user on keyboard. The text is in complete readable format.

Beside it, the cell tracker can take screenshots of the content to share the exact information with you. It will keep you active on the device and monitor the activities taking place by the user on the device.

What’s good in cell tracker

The cell tracker keylogger software is human friendly software that has easy interface for effective communication with the user. It neither appears on the display screen of the device nor in the notification bar. It can manage the complete device and its applications including anti-virus. The cell tracker can capture the passwords, messages and other details when the user is active.

It can trace the whole device where you can read their text as well as social media messages such as emails, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and other messages. You can also access their account from other device once you know their password.

All users including android, iPhone and other can use the cell tracker keylogger software. What’s more interesting about it is that it does not ask for jail breaking and rooting of the target device. Some keylogger software asks for jail breaking and rooting and thus makes the download and installation task difficult. Here, you don’t have to get into the tough task and can easily install it on the required device.

Another impressive thing is that it offers you a trial period where you can use it for free. You can later pay for the software. If you find it working well then you can continue its use.

Features of YMSpy

What features will you get in the software? Here is the list.

  • GPS tracker
  • Call tracker
  • Message tracker
  • WhatsApp tracker
  • Gallery tracker
  • Email tracking
  • Block websites
  • Block applications
  • Track contact book
  • Track notes
  • Track their passwords

View All Feature Download Free Tracker App

So, it’s simply not about tracing the letters of the typed text, it’s about tracing the device. Go to the site and download it in simple steps. Make an id that’s easy to do. You will be asked for registration so that you can access the computer or mobile phone from dashboard.

You cannot move further until you complete registration process. So fill the details carefully and enjoy hacking. But, remember to hide the cell tracker before you handover the device to its owner.

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